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G-2024-026 · Accession · 1990-1997
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Safety and Public Services fonds

This accession consists of records from the Mine Safety Division and the Occupational Safety and Health Division of the Department of Safety and Public Services relating to fatality investigations for Ian Curnow at Ptarmigan Mine (Treminco Resources Ltd., 1990), Toni Borschneck at Giant Mine (Giant Yellowknife Mine Ltd., 1991), Lloyd Delaney at Con Mine (Miramar Con Mine, 1993), Joao Resis at Lanky Court, Yellowknife (Cedar Crest Construction?, 1994), Brian Bodnariuk at Con Mine (Miramar Con Mine Ltd., 1994), and Robert Meszaros at Royal Oak Giant Mine (Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd., 1995).

The records include investigation reports, photographs and negatives, maps, witness statements, meeting notes, news articles and press releases, medical and autopsy records, Coroner's Jury verdicts and responses to recommendations, employer, fire investigation, geotechnical investigation, and engineering reports, correspondence, reference material, legislative amendments, and court records.

G-2024-025 · Accession · 1981-1991
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services fonds

This accession consists of records from Mining Inspection Services of the Department of Justice and Public Services relating to fatality investigations for Karl Kolke at Pine Point Mine (1971), Dieter Grunow at Cantung Mine (Canada Tungsten Mining Corporation Ltd., 1984), Gordon Davidson at Con Mine (Cominco, 1984), Gerald Lukan at Pine Point Mine (Cominco, 1984), Jack Doyle at Con Mine (Redpath Construction, 1985), Joseph Wilkinson at Highway 5 gravel pit (Rowe Construction, 1987), and Vince Corcoran at Giant Mine (Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd., 1987).

The records include investigation reports, photographs and negatives, maps, witness statements, Coroner's Inquest, employer and RCMP reports, meeting notes, employee records, news articles, reference material, correspondence, and Board of Inquiry submissions, transcripts and report.

G-2024-024 · Accession · 1980-1981

This accession consists of records from the Mining Inspector, Resource Management Division of the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development relating to the fatality investigation for Daniel Swadden at Pine Point Mines (Cominco Ltd., 1980). The records include correspondence, a coroner jury’s report, a summary of the accident, and meeting minutes.

Canada. Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development
G-2024-013 · Accession · 1988, 2002, 2004-2006
Part of Northwest Territories. Workers' Compensation Board fonds

This accession consists of records from the Prevention Services Division of the Workers' Compensation Board relating to fatality investigations for Gary Robinson (RTL - Robinson Enterprises Ltd., 2004), Cyril Fyfe and Kevin Olson (City of Yellowknife Fire Service, 2005), and Richard Sanderson and Dennis Thurber (SSI Micro, Enterprise, 2005). The records include reference material (including 1988 Guidelines for Working on Winter Roads in the N.W.T. issued by the Department of Public Works and Highways), interview transcripts, an interview video cassette, photographs (printed and on CD), inspection reports, committee material, news releases and articles, notes, and investigation reports.

Paul Williamson
N-1983-004 · Accession · 1937-1940
Part of Paul Williamson fonds

Records include photographs taken by Paul Williamson during his years in both Portage La Loche (Saskatchewan) and Yellowknife. Many photos have been removed from photo albums created by Paul Williamson. The accession has been divided into three series: 1) La Loche, Saskatchewan; 2) Yellowknife; 3) Miscellaneous. The photographs of Yellowknife include views of: the Hudson's Bay Company store; gold mine operations at Con and Negus Mines; sporting activities including hockey, baseball and skiing; aircraft; the Yellowknife River; Con hydro and scenery around Yellowknife. There are also aerial views and images of the Hudson's Bay Company post in Hay River.

Felix Labat
N-2004-032 · Accession · [1978-1984]
Part of Felix Labat fonds

Records include photographs taken by Father Felix Labat, O.M.I., at Willow Lake (K’álǫ Tué), likely between 1978-1984.

Felix Labat
N-2004-027 · Accession · [195-]-1984
Part of Felix Labat fonds

Records include photographs of Fort Smith, Fort Good Hope, Deline, Tulita, Norman Wells, Hay River and Willowlake River. The photographs span Father Labat's career with the Roman Catholic Diocese of the Mackenzie, beginning in Deline in 1954. Photographs taken at Deline range from 1954-1961; those taken at Tulita span 1961-1966. Subject matter includes church services, weddings, and other church-related activities, transportation by barge, motorboat, canoe, dogsled, mooseskin boat, ski, snowshoe and snowmobile, portraits of Dene men, women and children, including students at Grollier Hall in Inuvik, Dene arts and crafts, events, including the NWT Centennial Canoe Race, and hunting and fishing activities.

N-1991-047 · Accession · 1942

This accession consists of two reports on agriculture in the Northwest Territories. A sixteen page report, dated November 14, 1942, from Albert Lawrence to E.S. Archibald recounts Lawrence's July to October, 1942 trip to the Northwest Territories to inspect Sub-Stations. His stops included Fort Smith, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Norman Wells, Fort Good Hope, Arctic Red River, Aklavik, Fort McPherson, Fort Wrigley, and Hay River. Lawrence comments on gardens in those localities, environmental conditions, and dairy farming. His report concludes with recommendations. A two page report, dated December 14, 1942, from W.D. Albright to the director of Central Experimental Farms, in Ottawa, is a review of the report by Albert Lawrence.

The description in the reports may cause offense because the creators use outdated language to describe Indigenous Peoples and peoples with mixed heritage. We have reproduced the original as is because it is a part of the original historical record. If you have feedback or questions, please contact the NWT Archives.

Canada. Department of Agriculture
Erik Watt
N-1990-005 · Accession · 1956-1962
Part of Erik Watt fonds

The majority of the photographs show locations within the Northwest Territories, however images from northern Alberta, northern Manitoba and northern Quebec complement the overarching theme of news reporting in Canada's north. A wide range of subject matter is covered in the photographs. Subjects include DEW line operations; educational activities; views of northern communities and people from both the eastern and western arctic; native reserves; mining operations; church work in the north; highway and road construction; and special functions such as the official opening of public buildings.

G-2024-022 · Accession · 1947-1954, 1983-2010
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Finance fonds

Records include two surveys regarding the retail operations of the liquor system in Yellowknife (1990 and 2010), a proposal for a Northern Canada Liquor Corporation (1996), and documents related to the administration of the liquor system and the transfer of its operations to the territorial administration (1947-1954).

Northwest Territories. Liquor Commission
A Fishing Tale
N-1988-034 · Accession · 1983

The film is entitled "A Fishing Tale," and was produced in 1983 by Yellowknife Films. The film is in colour and is 27 minutes in length; it depicts the commercial fishing culture on Great Slave Lake and documents fishing operations in both the winter and summer months and shows how the difficult environment affects the lives of those employed in the fishing industry. Chipping ice holes, setting fish nets with a jigger in winter is demonstrated by Wilfred Smith. Bombadiers, West Channel in Hay River, winter fishing, the Wool Bay outpost station operated by Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation, Wilfred Smith's private fish business, and Clifford Smith's summer boat operations are featured.

Narrated by Bob Backhouse. Featuring Gester Gudmundson, Alex Morin, Wilfred Smith, Dominique Montgrand, Clifford Bird, Edwin Morin. Funded by CBC North, The Metis Association of the Northwest Territories, the Canada Council and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Yellowknife Films
Goldi Productions Ltd.
N-1992-195 · Accession · [1980, 1981], copied 1986

Records include two films, "They Fish the Great Slave" and "Dene Family". "They Fish the Great Slave" was produced in 1980 by Arctic Films; produced and directed by John Goldi and narrated by Mick Mallon. The subject of the film is commercial fishing on the Great Slave Lake, and features Clifford Bird, Johnny Nault, and Jane "Total" Mayo. "Dene Family" is a Goldi Productions Film from the Northern Lifestyle Series and was produced with the support of the NWT Department of Education and Canada Council Exploration in 1981. The film is narrated by Elizabeth Marlowe and depicts the lifestyle of the Marlowe family of Łutselk’e (Snowdrift).

Goldi Productions Ltd.

The colour slides depict community buildings (schools, churches, hospitals), people, scenery, activities and special events in the following communities: Hay River, Fort Simpson, Fort Norman, Rae, Port Radium, Lac La Martre, Fort Good Hope, Fort Franklin, Fort McPherson, Tuktoyaktuk, Yellowknife, Coppermine, Jean Marie River, Fort Liard, Nahanni region, Aklavik, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Fort Providence, Wrigley, Fort Fitzgerald, Arctic Red River, Reindeer Station, Whale Cove, Norman Wells, Iqaluit and Rocher River. In addition, 19 black and white photographs show children and housing conditions in Yellowknife and on Latham Island in 1969. There are also several images of Rae that portray people, the church, Treaty time and Chief Susie Bruneau. The majority of the films were produced by the Government of the Northwest Territories for different departments; the subject matter of the films deal with Prohibition in the North, education, the Mackenzie Bridge and life in the North.

Robert Howren
N-2006-003 · Accession · [196-]-1982
Part of Robert Howren fonds

Most of the records were created by linguist Dr. Robert Howren in Whati (then Lac La Martre) and Behchoko (then Fort Rae) in the late-1960s to 1982. Additional material, a small minority, was collected in the Yukon and at other locations. The textual material is comprised of 28 notebooks containing his field notes. The sound recordings, recorded mainly in Tlicho (Dogrib) but also in Chipewyan, Gwich'in, and North Slavey, include 114 audiocassettes and 207 audio reels (comprised of 199 - 5" reels, 4 - 3" reels and 4 - 7" reels). The audiocassettes date mostly from 1982. The reel-to-reels range in date from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. The notebooks are field notes which more than half correspond directly to the sound recordings. They are in several series: 1967, 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1977, and 1982. The languages on the tapes and in the notebooks is mostly Tlicho (Dogrib), however, Dane-zaa (Beaver), Slave, North Slavey (Hare) and Sarcee are also included. The speakers on the tapes are mostly Vital Thomas, but also include: Madeline Ayah, Harry Bearlake, Alphonse Eronchi, Susie Abel, Rosa Mantla, Ernie Camsell, Elizabeth Mackenzie and John Mackenzie, among others. The photographic material consist of 35 mm negatives and appears to be a copy of Father Edouard Guoy's French -Slavey Dictionary (Dictionairre francais - esclase) from 1930.

N-2006-013 · Accession · 1959-2001

The textual records include published and unpublished texts on Slavey and Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib) literacy, linguistic and translation, dating from 1959 to the 1990s. The published material is partially religious, and partially linguistic in nature. A large portion of the unpublished material consists of stories told by both Tłı̨chǫ and Slavey speakers on traditional knowledge, legends, and personal stories. The sound recordings are in Tłı̨chǫ. The cassette tapes feature Vital Thomas from 1979 to 1983 providing Tłı̨chǫ field linguistic data, and the CDs were produced between 1999 and 2001 by the Dogrib Translation Committee and feature Marie Louise Bouvier-White reading passages from the Bible in Tłı̨chǫ.

SIL linguists whose work is within this accession include: Steve Barber, Betsy Barber, Gillian Story, Victor Monus, Anita Monus, Constance Naish, William Davidson, June Davidson, Jaap Feenstra, Morina Feenstra and Herbert A. Zimmerman. Dene language consultants include: Sarah Sibbeston, Old Loman, Louis Norwegian, Gabe Sanguez, Jim Sanguez, Jimmie Cholo, Sarah Hardisty, H. Kelly, Jim Lamalice, Laura Sibbeston, Modeste Mackay, Johnny Teetso, Ted Trindell, Fred Andrew, Jimmie Bread, Sarah Lamalice, Fred Tambour, Willie Martel, William Bugghins, Johnny Mackay, Chal Yohin[?], Vital Thomas, J. Konisenta and George Matou.

Summer Institute of Linguistics International

This accession consists of records from the Prevention Services division of the Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission relating to fatality investigations for Jimmy Isaiah (Rowes Construction, 2006), Hugh Collin (Mackenzie Valley Construction, 2007), William Bleach (Northwright Airways, Fort Good Hope, 2010), David Lambe (Camco Construction Ltd., 2011), and Allan Morin (Aurora Village, 2011), and a program evaluation file for the Safe Advantage Program.
The investigation records include investigation reports, photographs and negatives, transcribed witness statements, interview on audio tape, reports of accident, correspondence, coroner's and RCMP reports, notes, employee files, and news articles.
The Safe Advantage Program evaluation file includes technician workload spreadsheet, summary information for 2007/2008 to 2013/2014, annual workplan, policy, questions and responses, and correspondence.

G-2024-014 · Accession · 1993-2006
Part of Northwest Territories. Workers' Compensation Board fonds

This accession consists of records from the Prevention Services Division of the Workers' Compensation Board relating to fatality investigations for Carl Smith (E. Gruben's Transport Ltd., 2002), Gary Robinson (RTL - Robinson Enterprises Ltd., 2004), and Cyril Fyfe and Kevin Olson (City of Yellowknife Fire Service, 2005), and program evaluation files for the Safety Incentive and Rate Reduction (SIRR) program. The investigation records include investigation reports, interview transcripts, photographs, reports of accident, warrant documents, correspondence, news release and articles, Alternative Measures Agreement, meeting notes, presentation slides, reference material, and draft safety documents. The SIRR evaluation files include decision and options papers, information items, pamphlets, posters, an evaluation report, Industrial Classification Review & Merit/Surcharge Initiative, Measurement of Indicators, a news release, and Board motions.

This accession consists of a video made by the Parks and Visitor Services division of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, entitled "The Thelon & The Kazan - Canoeing Canada's Heritage Rivers". The video is a documentary introduction to paddling the Thelon River and the Kazan River.

G-2024-017 · Accession · 1982-1994
Part of Northwest Territories. Aurora College fonds

This accession consists of meeting minutes from the College's Board of Governors and three of its committees: the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, and the Policy and Planning Committee, which became the Programs and Planning Committee in 1991. The earliest records (1982-1985) are meeting minutes from the Board of Governors of Thebacha College.

Northwest Territories. Arctic College