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Archival description

The series consists of records relating to member organizations, Indigenous organizations, governments, and other external groups that the Western Constitutional Forum interacted with, including mandate documents, policies, meeting material, correspondence, budgets and financial records, activity reports, funding agreements, press releases, discussion papers, and other internal records of the organizations.

151-S03 · Series · [ca. 1900]-1999
Part of Metis Heritage Association fonds

The series consists of records relating to projects undertaken by the Metis Heritage Association and heritage projects undertaken by the Metis Association prior to the establishment of the Metis Heritage Association in 1988. The records include funding proposals and financial records, briefing notes, work plans, correspondence, contracts and agreements, workshop materials, oral histories and transcripts, gathered historical information and photographs, family trees, book drafts and final versions, historic site database entries and photographs, and project reports. The records were assembled from several accessions and have been arranged by the Archivist by project.

The series is divided into seven sub-series by project: Archives Research Project, Oral History Projects, History Book Volume II Project, Metis History Project, Michif Projects, Tulu Projects, and Miscellaneous Proposals and Projects

[Temporary Audio-Visual]

This series consists audio and video recordings from the Metis Nation and Metis Heritage Association fonds.

Please note that this portion of these fonds are currently being processed. These materials are being provided in a partially processed state to facilitate access in the meantime. Catalogue numbers and arrangement of the material within the fonds will change once processing is complete.

412-S16 · Series · 1968-1979, 1984-2003
Part of Stuart M. Hodgson fonds

This series consists of various resumes and lists of accomplishments by Stuart Hodgson, as well as an unfinished manuscript for an autobiography that details his life from birth until the early days of being Commissioner of the Northwest Territories and bringing the seat of government to Yellowknife. The series also includes 30 microcassette and 1 audio cassette recordings of Stuart Hodgson recounting on significant events throughout his career. Accompanying the cassettes are copies of correspondence compiled by Stuart Hodgson in 1994, to provide evidence and documentation of rationale and decisions he made as Commissioner. Correspondence is annotated with references, and additional contextual notes have been provided by Stuart Hodgson.

Government of Yukon

This series consists of records documenting the GSCI’s work and interaction with the Government of Yukon. Records in this series relate to legislation, burial site workshops and guidelines, the Yukon Geographic Place Names Board and the North Yukon Planning Commission 2007. Records include correspondence, a data sharing agreement, a report and commission materials from the North Yukon Planning Commission; materials related to the consultation on the Yukon Development Assessment Process; correspondence, policy materials, workshop materials and audio or video recordings from the First National Burial Sites Workshop in Whitehorse in 1998; Yukon Geographic Place Names Board annual reports; Yukon Native Language Centre Activities Report; a copy of the Yukon Historical Resources Act and annual report; a brochure for the Achievement Culture Environment Service Wilderness Program; a 2006 Yukon Palaeontology Program Calendar; and posters.

Gwich'in Territorial Park

This series consists of records documenting the GSCI’s work in developing a vision and management plan for the Gwich’in Territorial Park with other Gwich’in organizations, such as Gwich’in Geographics Ltd, as well as oral history, place name, ethnobotany and plant report projects in the park. Projects documented in this series include Gwich’in Territorial Park – Campbell Lake Talking Map (1994), Gwich'in Territorial Park (Campbell Lake) Oral History & Place Names Project (1994), Gwich’in Territorial Park (Campbell Lake) Ethnobotany Project (1995), Gwich’in Territorial Park Report (2012) and Gwich’in Territorial Campground Plant Report (2014).

Records in this series related to the GSCI’s work in developing a vision and management plan for the Gwich’in Territorial Park include correspondence; Terms of Reference; meeting notes, report and materials relating to a Vision and Imaging Session in July of 1996; planning materials for an interpretive centre; draft interpretive plan and vision statement; a Scope of Work document from Gwich’in Geographics; draft management plan and comments; reference materials; Territorial Park Management Committee meeting materials from 2013 and 2014; and a printed copy of the revised Gwich’in Territorial Park Management Plan 2012. Records documenting the GSCI’s oral history, place name, ethnobotany and plant report projects in the Gwich’in Territorial Park include correspondence; funding materials; GSCI reports and drafts of non-GSCI reports; presentation materials; maps; and audio recordings.

This series consists of project, planning and produced records from the GSCI’s Arctic Red River Headwaters Projects. These projects include Arctic Red River Headwaters Project Phase I 2004-2005, Arctic Red River Headwaters Project Phase II 2005-2006 and Headwaters of the Arctic Red River Phase III 2007-2008 Archaeological assessment and TEK 2007-2008. The fourth phase of the project, Headwaters of the Arctic Red River Phase IV: Traditional Land Use of the Headwaters and Front Ranges, was cancelled in 2010. The GSCI conducted a review of their collected materials and information on traditional use and heritage resources for the Arctic Red River to identify gaps and interviewed Elders and harvesters in the area to provide input as to whether the status of the area should be changed from a Special Management Zone to a legislative protected area or a Gwich'in Heritage Conservation Zone under the Gwich'in Land Use Plan. The GSCI also conducted ecological knowledge interviews with Elders and harvesters for the archaeological assessment to determine archaeological potential.

Project and planning materials in this series include correspondence; funding proposals; budget materials; research plan; assessments; materials related to the 10-Year Review of the Arctic Red River; interview materials including questions, checklists and consent forms; notes; and reference materials. Produced materials include reports, audio recordings of interviews, transcripts and presentation materials.

426-S30 · Series · [196- to 198-], 2006-2017
Part of Gwich'in Tribal Council – Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute fonds

This series consists of records documenting GSCI’s COPE - Committee on Original People's Entitlement re-translations project (2006-2017), records documenting the publishing of an edited volume of the oral histories and legends recorded by the Committee for Original Peoples’ Entitlement (COPE) in the 1970s and copies of COPE interviews from the NWT Archives. Records in this series include correspondence; informational materials on COPE and the history of the tapes; listings of tapes and resources held by the Gwich’in Language Centre, NWT Archives and the Boreal Institute Library; the “Life Story of Julian Andre” by Julian Andre; photocopies of handwritten stories; transcripts and other textual records on diskettes; and copies of COPE audio recordings.

Reference Collection

This series consists of reference and resource materials collected and acquired by the GSCI. Included in this series are library materials consisting of non-GSCI publications; reference, research and resource materials that are not related to specific GSCI projects; non-GSCI language reference materials; and materials and biographical information related to Gwich’in history, communities, community members and elders.

Library materials in this series include books, reports, papers, journals and conference proceedings on various subject matters. Reference, research and resource materials in this series include articles and papers; books; reports; digital atlas on CD; newsletters; bibliographies and research compendiums; copied archival materials; and interview transcripts.

Language reference materials in this series include books and booklets; dictionaries; grammar materials; language lesson materials and recordings; language conference materials; and language reports.

Gwich’in historical materials in this series include informational materials and correspondence relating to Gwich’in material culture such as canoes, snowshoes, fish traps, houses, caribou fences, songs, dances, fiddling and clothing and a copy of a Gwich’in history/timeline.

Biographical and community related materials include newspaper clippings; stories, biographies and other writings; funeral programs; obituaries of elders and anthropologists; press releases; a listing of elders; printed photographs; and correspondence.

The series includes a journal from 1926 that possibly belonged to an Oblate father and possibly came from the Andre family's Tree River Camp on the Mackenzie River.

429-S04 · Series · 1951-1970
Part of Glick family fonds

The series documents J.I. Glick's Yellowknife real estate business, Central Real Estate, as well as the Gold Range Hotel, which was an asset of Central Real Estate. The property records include records predating formal incorporation of Central Real Estate in 1953. Glick was the first manager of the Gold Range Hotel from 1958-1966, when he and his wife Sadie Glick sold their shares.

Glick, Jacob Isaac
429-S05 · Series · 1961-1971
Part of Glick family fonds

This series contains records arising from J.I. Glick's involvement with local governance in Yellowknife, both as a resident and as a member of the Yellowknife Ratepayers Association and the Town Council. Records include reports submitted to Yellowknife Town Council Meetings (meetings of the Yellowknife Ratepayers Association), meeting minutes, meeting recordings, speaking notes, and correspondence between J.I. Glick and Plains Western Gas and Electric company. The records document a dispute between the Gold Range Hotel Ltd. and Plains Western Gas and Electric Company regarding rates, which Glick brought before the courts and before the Town Council. The records also document a second dispute between J.I. Glick and the Town Council regarding property acquisition through tax sales, including the lots for the Gold Range Hotel.

Glick, Jacob Isaac
J.I. Glick Personal Records
429-S07 · Series · [196-]-1972
Part of Glick family fonds

Records include J.I. Glick's personal correspondence, political correspondence and ephemera, and passports. Also included are recordings of radio programs on topics of interest to Glick, namely Northern issues and the Progressive Conservative party.

Glick, Jacob Isaac
Yellowknife Radio Ltd
429-S09 · Series · 1956-1982
Part of Glick family fonds

Series consists of records relating to the operation of Yellowknife Radio Limited (also known as Yellowknife Radio and Records Shop and YK Radio). Records include financial statements, meeting minutes, and advertisements, as well as recordings of local bands that were made in the store.

YK Radio was a retail establishment for records, radios and appliances in downtown Yellowknife. Harold Glick began the business in October 1948, selling products and offering repair services. The store was initially in a wall tent next door to the Gold Range Hotel, and by 1952 had moved into a new building. In 1958 an addition was added to the shop. The store’s offerings expanded to include jewelry and furniture. As of 1968-1970, the company had three directors: Harold Glick (President), Zelda Glick (Secretary-Treasurer), and Jacob Isaac Glick (Vice President). By 1972, Derek A. Finall had replaced J.I. Glick as a Director. In 1986 the business was sold to Roy Williams.

Glick, Harold
Glick family records
429-S13 · Series · 1951-1995, 2007
Part of Glick family fonds

Records consist predominantly of correspondence received by Harold and Zelda Glick from family and friends around the world. Also includes ephemera (festival programs and event flyers), a few newsclippings about the family, audio recordings ("cassette letters") made by family in Montreal for family members in Yellowknife, and an interview of Harold Glick conducted by his grandson Jeremy Glick.

N-1994-013: S03 · Series · 1991-1992
Part of Commission for Constitutional Development fonds

This series consists of records relating to the reporting functions of the Commission for Constitutional Development. The reports include "Towards Our Common Future" discussion paper, Issue Summary Report: Issues Raised And Recommendations Made At The Public Hearings And In Written Submissions, The Constitutional Landscape of Canada The Relationship Between Existing Acts and Agreements and a New Constitution for the Western Northwest Territories public discussion paper, Interim Report (including Gwich'in and Inuvialuit language recordings), and "Working Toward A Common Future" (final report). Records include correspondence, proposal, contracts, notes, terms of reference for research papers, research papers, briefing notes, a press release, concept outline, a copy of the Northwest Territories Act, drafts and feedback, and final versions of reports.