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111 · Fonds · [1901-197-]

This fonds consists of 935 copy photographs (35 mm negatives) of Fort Providence and its surrounding area. This is a collection of images featuring the work of many photographers including O.S. Finnie, Rene Fumoleau and Celine Lafferty. Most of the photographs were donated to the Research Project by the Catholic Mission. There are a variety of images including those of the residents of Fort Providence, the Roman Catholic Mission and clergy, agriculture and gardening. There appears to be some duplication within the collection.

Fort Providence Slavey Language Research Project
385 · Fonds · 1982-1989

This fonds consists of approximately 14 cm of textual records, dating from 1982 to 1989.

Records consist of pamphlets and manuals produced by the Department, on such topics as flood safety, motorcycle operation and drivers' licensing. There are manuals on various topics such as records management, how to write a government manual, Canada Post in the north, and the Index to organizationial change in the government of the Northwest Territories: 1967-1987.

Records from the Motor Vehicles division include policies of the division, and files relating to newly created seatbelt legislation for the Northwest Territories, and research surrounding it.

Northwest Territories. Department of Government Services fonds (1980-1992)
Postmaster Log Book
404-S05 · Series · 1944 - 1945
Part of John W. Goodall fonds

Notebook used by John Goodall to record mail dispatches and irregularities in the post during his tenure as postmaster for Fort Simpson between 1944 - 1945.

404-S06 · Series · 1959 - 1969
Part of John W. Goodall fonds

This series contains meeting minutes and reports from various committees with which John Goodall was involved, including the Fort Simpson Local Advisory Council and the District of Mackenzie Indian Advisory Council. This series also includes a notebook containing the minutes of meetings of the Northwest Territories Trappers' Association Fort Simpson Branch between 1944 -1948.

Local Newspapers
404-S07 · Series · 1951 - 1963
Part of John W. Goodall fonds

This series contains a number of additions from three local newspapers, The Thomas Simpson Review (one addition, Vol 1 Iss 26, March 30 1964) The Catholic Voice (numerous additions ranging from 1951 - 1962) and the Hay River Optimist (July 8 - August 20th, 1963, Vol 1 No 6 - 10).

Public Addresses
404-S02 · Series · 1967 - 1970
Part of John W. Goodall fonds

Contains draft notes for speeches delievered by John Goodall at various events, including the dedication ceremony of the basin and plaque commemorating the first landing of an airplane at Fort Simpson (August 26, 1968), the unveiling of a historical monument commemorating the historical significant of Fort Simpson (June 13th, 1970), and the official opening of the Fort Simpson Centennial Part (July 3, 1967).

404-S01 · Series · [1930 - 1971]
Part of John W. Goodall fonds

This series contains correspondence written and received by John Goodall throughout his residency in Fort Simpson, and predominantly during his tenure as council member for the NWT. Each correspondence subseries has been arranged choronologically.

404-S03 · Series · 1954 - 1968
Part of John W. Goodall fonds

This series contains records pertaining to the activities of the Council of the Northwest Territories during John Goodall's tenure as council member from 1954 - 1967.

AGMs and Executive Meetings
415-S02 · Series · 1971-2001
Part of Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

This series consists of 52.5 cm of textual records. Records include agendas, minutes, and other materials related to Annual General Meetings and NWT Scout Council executive meetings, including financial statements and reports presented at the meetings. The series also includes a set of annual chrono files containing reports, minutes, correspondence and financial statements for each year from 1975/76 to 1979/80.

415-S01 · Series · 1969-2000
Part of Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

This series consists of 28 cm of textual records. Records include correspondence, minutes and reports related to the formation of the NWT Scout Council, strategic planning, bylaws, policies & procedures, contracts for services with the Alberta Council, and training of volunteers, as well as general chrono correspondence files.

The materials related to the formation of the council include excerpts from several reports on Northern Scouting as well as correspondence and minutes from a series of meetings held to lay the groundwork for the new council. The series also includes correspondence regarding the organizational structure of the council; correspondence, reports and meeting minutes related to Operation Northern Light, a three-year project through which a program consultant was hired to visit Scout groups in the communities and assist them with finding leaders, organizing activities, and adapting the Scouting program to their local needs; and meeting minutes and reports regarding strategic planning.

The series includes policies and procedures of the NWT Scout Council and related correspondence. In 1995/96, the NWT Council undertook a review of its by-laws, which were originally written in 1972; the series includes records from the By-law Review Subcommittee.

Until 1991 the NWT Council had a contract with the Northern Alberta region for Executive Director services. The series includes correspondence regarding this relationship between the NWT Scout Council and the Northern Alberta region, as well as contracts, job descriptions and reports from the Executive Director on hours worked.

The NWT Council also coordinated training of Scout group leaders in the territory. This series includes a small amount of information about courses held, training needs, budgets, and applications for funding to support leader training.

Finally, the series includes several files of general correspondence of the NWT Council.

Projects and Events
415-S05 · Series · 1965-2001
Part of Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

This series consists of 25 cm of textual records and 38 photographs. Records include correspondence and reports related to service projects, badges, NWT jamborees, cuborees, regional camps and trips, and interaction between scout groups inside and outside the NWT, as well as photographs of service projects and camps.

The NWT Scout Council organized a territory-wide service project in 1973, Operation Yuuch, which encouraged scout groups to clean up buildings or locations in their communities. The series also includes some correspondence related to Canada-wide service projects and some records related to local service projects undertaken by Yellowknife groups.

In 1964 the national council's Arctic and Northern Scouting Committee created a set of Northern badges aimed at teaching Scouts aspects of life and outdoorsmanship in the North; these badges were maintained and updated by the NWT Council. This series includes a small amount of correspondence related to Northern badges and alterations to badge requirements to make them more relevant for Northern Scouts.

The NWT Council organized three NWT jamborees, in 1973, 1978, and 1982, and one NWT and Nunavut Cuboree in 2001. The series includes planning materials, correspondence, financial statements, and handbooks for these events. The NWT Council also organized two expeditions in Baffin National Park, called Adventure Auyuittuq, in 1976 and 1979; the series includes a bulletin and promotional letter regarding these trips. In addition, there is correspondence regarding camps and trips undertaken by local groups.

The NWT Council also helped to coordinate interactions between NWT scout groups and scout groups outside the NWT, including twinning between NWT and outside scout groups, NWT participation in national and international jamborees, and visits to the NWT by outside groups. The series includes a small amount of correspondence and reports related to these activities.

The photographs include images of Operation Yuuch, the Yellowknife Region's Kakisa Kuboree, and several Yellowknife region Beaver camps, as well as photographs from a report on the NWT Council's display at the 1985 Canadian Jamboree.

415-S03 · Series · 1972-1997
Part of Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

This series consists of 12.7 cm of textual records. Records include newsletters and reports published by the NWT Scout Council. The series comprises annual reports of the Northwest Territories Council for 1972 to 1994; five editions of the Guide to Scouting in the Northwest Territories, a publication containing general information about Scouting and the NWT Scout Council; and two newsletters aimed at Scouters, Boreas and the NWT Council newsletter. Boreas focuses on news about upcoming and recent Scouting events and ideas for group activities, while the NWT Council newsletter features information about the activities of the council itself.

Regions and Local Groups
415-S04 · Series · 1965-2001
Part of Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council fonds

This series consists of 47 cm of textual records and 6 photographs. Records include documentation of interaction between the NWT Scout Council and regional councils and local scout groups; membership census records and group charters; RCMP returns detailing scouting activity in the communities; and photographs of local groupmeetings.

The series includes three sets of documents filed by region, one dating to theearly 1970s, one to the late 1970s, and one to the 1990s, as well as other files containing materials documenting communication between the NWT Council and its subordinate groups. Records in these files include correspondence, field visit reports, and regional and local meeting minutes and publications.

Coordinating registration was a major function of the territorial council. The NWT Council received both individual and group membership applications, maintained lists of members, and reported on membership to the national council. The bulk of the membership records have been returned to the donor due to privacy concerns. This series includes registration statistics for 1965-1971, 1975-1985, and sporadically through the 1990s, as well as group charter applications for 1993-2001. Membership census numbers for some years were published in the annual report or in the Boreas newsletter.

In addition to communicating directly with local groups, the Boy Scouts received regular reports from the RCMP on Scouting activities in Northern communities. This series includes a set of RCMP returns from the late 1970s, filed by community, aswell as several files containing returns from earlier and later dates.

The photographs include group portraits of Scouts and Venturers in Chesterfield Inlet in 1969 and candid shots of Cubs and Beavers at a 1977 "swimup" ceremony in Pine Point.

Personal Records
419-S01 · Series · 1942-1961
Part of Koenen's Air Service Limited Fonds

The series consists of 1.8 cm of personal textual records of Hank Koenen, including some from time periods when he flew for other airlines. The records include 1942 correspondence with Canadian Pacific Airways, pilot log book, stock certificates, bills of sale, tax assessment notices, contracts, and a building floorplan and permit.

Koenen, Henry
419-S03 · Series · 1957-1962
Part of Koenen's Air Service Limited Fonds

The series consists of 1.9 cm of correspondence carried on between Koenen's Air Service and various others, including Geophoto Services, Workmen's Compensation, Morgan Nicholson insurance, and the Air Transport Board. The records also include associated material like agreements, insurance certificates and policies, contract statements, payroll and flight information, statements regarding accidents, and Pilots' Flying Histories.

419-S02 · Series · 1953-1962
Part of Koenen's Air Service Limited Fonds

The series consists of 1.5 cm of texual records of aircraft owned or leased by Koenen's Air Service. The records include bills of sale, agreements, correspondence, 50 and 100 hour inspection forms, and radio licencing documents.

Financial Records
419-S04 · Series · 1947-1962
Part of Koenen's Air Service Limited Fonds

The series consists of 14. 8 cm of textual financial records of Koenen's Air Service and some personal financial records of Henry Koenen. The records include receipts, invoices, cheque stubs, client account ledger, client statements and invoices, income tax documents, financial statements, Air Transport Board statements, payroll information, and other miscellaneous financial records.

Canada. Canada Post
G-1986-504 · Accession · 1985

This accession consists of an Intelpost message (fax) sent to Yellowknife.

Canada Post
Martin, Jacqueline
N-1979-525 · Accession · 1978

This accession consists of a photocopy of an award winning essay on the Northwest Territories by Jacqueline Martin.

Martin, Jacqueline
Bell, Robert, 1841-1917
N-1979-553 · Accession · 1903

This accession consists of three letters from David T. Hanbury requesting permission to duplicate photographs from an 1897 report.