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416 · Fonds · 2001-2013

This fonds consists of 2.05 m of textual records, including some created by the WSCC's predecessor, the Workers' Compensation Board. Records include meeting materials from the Governance Council and the Audit Committee, Minister's and President's Chronos (correspondence), and meeting materials for meetings between the Nunavut and Northwest Territories Ministers responsible for the WSCC. The records also include financial statements, agreements, strategic planning workshop material, survey results, records relating to legislation, and a memorandum on the release of employer safety records under ATIPP.

Northwest Territories. Workers' Safety and Compensation Commission
N-2004-021 · Accession · 2004

The video, which first aired nationally in early-2004, was produced by Force Four Entertainment of Vancouver, British Columbia for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series 'Life and Times'. It describes Nellie Cournoyea's rise to prominence despite difficult times, including her experiences in radio broadcasting, business, and politics, first in the Mackenzie Delta Region and later as a member of the Northwest Territories Legislative Assembly. She was the first woman to hold the position of Government Leader of the Northwest Territories.

Great Slave Lake video
N-2007-004 · Accession · 2004

This accession consists of the production "Great Slave Lake". The video was produced by Good Earth Productions Inc. in 2004.

Good Earth Productions Inc.
Northern Musicians Project
N-2005-014 · Accession · 2003-2014

Records include recordings and transcripts of interviews with northern musicians that were conducted by Pat Braden as part of a project supported by the Cultural Project Contribution Program of the Government of the Northwest Territories. The objective of the project was to interview northern 'pop' musicians in order to document their experiences and gain insight into the NWT music community between the 1950s and 1990s. The musicians interviewed included Archie Loutitt, Tony Buggins, Wilf Schidlowsky, George Mandeville, Albert Canadien, Angus Beaulieu, Herbie Beaulieu, Tom Hudson, John Tees, Alex Czarnecki, Gary Tees, Ted Wesley, Kevin Mackie, John Landry, Richard Lafferty, Pat Burke, and Allen Daniels.

Braden, Pat
N-2006-010 · Accession · 2003

Records are comprised of the original English and French bound copies of the Tlicho Agreement. This agreement constitutes a land claims and self government agreement between the Tlicho (Dogrib), the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Government of Canada. Both copies were signed and dated August 25, 2003 in Rae-Edzo, Northwest Territories.

Canada. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs
N-2007-011 · Accession · 2003, 2005

Records consist of the Tlicho Constitution, a 39-page booklet describing the political workings of the Tlicho (Dogrib) people. The second item is 'Recognition Day: Effective Date for the Tlicho Government'. The final item is a schedule of events for the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council and Tlicho Government Annual Gathering.

Akaitcho Hall Gazette
N-2005-012 · Accession · 2001

Records are comprised of one copy of the Akaitcho Gazette which was produced by the Akaitcho Hall Reunion Committee in 2001 to commemorate the Akaitcho Hall reunion that was held in Yellowknife from June 29, 2001 until July 1, 2001. The 32 page newspaper includes copies of photographs of the students, staff and events that took place at Akaitcho Hall between 1958 and 1994. In addition, there are stories from former students and staff about people, events and daily living at the residence.

Akaitcho Hall Reunion Committee
God's Explorers video
N-2004-003 · Accession · 2001

This accession consists of one VHS videocassette entitled God's Explorers, an examination of the role of missionaries, especially the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) in the development of the North. The documentary was produced by Susan Cardinal of Westmount Productions and executive produced by Tom Cox. Produced in 2001, it runs 95 minutes in length. Featured are Bishop Denis Croteau and Father Rene Fumoleau.

365 · Fonds · 2000

This fonds consists of two audiocassette tapes, one sound CD, approximately 943 colour negatives, two 8 mm videocassettes, approximately 50 cm of textual material and one site plan generated or collected by the NWT Mining Heritage Society between 2000-2002. The audiocassettes and sound CD contain interviews with former employees of Giant Mine including Bill Case, Al Hall, Joe Malmsten, Jim McKay, George Dundas, Frank Horvat, Lorne Wrigglesworth, Tom Natyshen, Bill Hall, Sam Bitner, Dan Edjericon, J.C. Brien, Lew Whalen, Walter Dwyer, Mark Eveson, Francois H. Maille and Dave Nickerson. The interviews were coordinated and conducted by Bill Case, Walt Humphries and Brian Weir. The 943 images document the interior and exterior of buildings at Giant Mine, as well as show mining equipment and machinery. The videocassettes also document the interior and exterior of buildings, the Giant Mine site and machinery and equipment. The textual material includes agendas and minutes of meetings of the Giant Mine Heritage Working Group (now known as the NWT Mining Heritage Society), the final report on the assessment of Giant Mine, as well as correspondence and information related to the development of a mining museum at the Giant Mine site. In addition, there is a site plan showing Giant Mine buildings and locations.

NWT Mining Heritage Society
N-2002-023 · Accession · 2000

The record is 40 minutes long and documents a 'healing walk' for residential school students. The march was held in Yellowknife on June 1, 2000 to raise awareness of the legacy of residential schools in the NWT. With funding from the Aboriginal Healing Foundation and the Department of Education, Culture and Employment, the Trauma Treatment Training Program for community caregivers of the NWT coordinated the event. The march stopped at various Yellowknife locations to acknowledge the impact and responsibility different organizations played in the legacy of residential schools. These included: Akaitcho Hall, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, the Gold Range Bar, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development building (the Bellanca Building), and the NWT Legislative Assembly. The end of the march featured a sharing circle at the Legislative Assembly building and a drum dance ceremony. The video includes a speech by Robert (Bob) Overvold of DIAND and Sister Dora Durand of the Roman Catholic Church. The video also includes individual interviews with participants and organizers of the march. Production staff included Dennis Allen (Camera/Editor), Chris Rodgers (Second Camera), Peter Squirrel (Titles), Delphine Elleze (Producer) and the Native Communications Society (NCS-TV).

N-1999-045 · Accession · 1999

This accession consists of one VHS videocassette entitled Lord of the Nahanni - Memorial to Poole Field. Field Poole (1880-1948) was a former Royal Northwest Mounted Police officer who lived for many years in the Ross River and Nahanni River area and worked as a trader and prospector. The video was produced by the Albert Faille Wilderness League and was written and directed by Dr. Norman Kagan of Minnesota.

Albert Faille Wilderness League
Ryan Silke fonds
368 · Fonds · 1999-2010

This fonds consists of 14.5 cm of textual material, 1828 colour negatives and one DVD video documenting Ryan Silke's visits to various mine sites and locations between 1999 and 2010 including: Miramar Con Mine, Giant Yellowknife Mines, BHP Ekati Mine, Ptarmigan Mine, Akaitcho Mine, Discovery Mine, Thompson Lundmark, Hidden Lake, Ruth Mine, Walsh Lake, Viking Mine, Diversified Mine, North Inca Mine, Atlas Camp, AES Shaft (Giant Mine), Colomac Mine, Tundra Mine and Gordon Lake, Jackknife Camp, Cemetery Draw, Pet Claims, Grayling Lake, Ranney Camp, Burwash Mine, Lynx Camp, Kam Lake Camp, Yellorex Camp, Prosperous Lake, Pensive Lake, the Yellowknife River, Ryan Lake area (Ryanor and Goldcrest camps, Island Lake Core rack, and Crestaurum Mine), Aye camp, Rich YK camp, Keg Lake, Banting Lake, Oro Lake and vicinity, Garskie's Mine (Old Parr), Diavik, Great Bear Lake, Kam Point and the Old Mink Farm, Rayrock Mine, and Wool Bay area. As well, he has documented the activities of the NWT Mining Heritage Society. Includes the report "Ryan Silke's Site Visit Reports and Photographic Collection 2002-2003, Archaeological Investigations and Mine Site Documentation". The reports, typically illustrated, often include a short historical background on the mine or area, the anticipated goals of the visit, a travelogue, a site investigation report, a report on the various buildings and structures remaining, a report on equipment and machinery, a list of items salvaged, colour photographs, a list a photo identifications, hand drawn maps of the site or area, hand-coloured diagrams, copies of aerial photographs, and hand drawn renderings of buildings or floor plans.

Silke, Ryan
Tom Shandel fonds
407 · Fonds · 1999-2000

This fonds consists of 47 betacam videos and 5 cm of textual records. The videos contain two master copies of "I, Emile Petitot" and "Moi, Emile Petitot" as well as 45 tapes of raw footage. The text consists of transcripts of interviews for the films.

Shandel, Tom
Finding Franklin
N-2001-003 · Accession · 1998-1999

Records include a script for a play entitled "Finding Franklin".

Valpy, Bruce
N-2001-011 · Accession · 1998

Photographs depict the abandoned Thompson-Lundmark Gold Mine site and show the Kim shaft, mine site, and equipment inside the mill. The ravenous forest fires of the summer of 1998 and Mr. Regier's particular interest in old places combined to inspire he and a colleague to charter a float plane to visit the Thompson-Lundmark site. Their timing was fortunate, as the site burned the following day.

Regier, Ferdinand
N-1998-031 · Accession · 1997

2 of the audiocassettes contain a recording of a public forum held in Yelowknife on April 24, 1997 to discuss NWT constutional issues. Speaking at the forum, which was hosted by the NWT Area Council of the United Steelworkers of America were Steve Iveson, Bob MacQuarrie, and Stephen Kakfwi. The other two audiocassettes are recordings of an all-candiates forum for the 1997 federal election hosted by Alternatives North.

N-1999-002 · Accession · 1997-1998

Records include photographs taken by taken by Roberta McGregor when she was the adult educator at Sambaa K'e (Trout Lake). Photographs may have been used in "community book". There are a variety of scenic shots, community activities & handicrafts. Edward Jumbo is the man preparing a birch log for snowshoes making and working on preparation of tobaggon boards. The birch bark baskets were made by Norma Jumbo.

McGregor, Roberta
395 · Fonds · 1997-2010

This fonds consists of 1.26 m of records from the Dehcho Health and Social Services Authority. The files include board meeting records, senior management meeting records, board training records, correspondence, newsletters, program reports and bylaws.

Dehcho Health and Social Services Authority
401 · Fonds · 1997-2014

Records from the Directorate and Corporate Services division include ministerial and deputy minister's chronos, briefing books, minutes and supplementary materials from the Deputy Ministers' Human Resources Committee and other interdepartmental committees, meeting materials from the departmental Senior Management Committee, and notes and reports regarding employee surveys and human resource processes and procedures.

Records related to the Labour Relations and Compensation Services Division include meeting minutes of human resource professionals chaired by a representative of the Executive, as well a meeting minutes and supplementary materials from deputy ministers' committees and inter-departmental committees in regards to the process of amalgamating all human resources into a singular Department in 2005.

Records from the Corporate Human Resources and Human Resource Strategy & Policy divisions, predecessors of the Strategic Human Resources division, include files related to the Premier's Awards, Public Service Annual Report, and a proposed diversity strategy.

Northwest Territories. Department of Human Resources
N-2001-009 · Accession · 1997-2000

Records were generated by a project undertaken by the Sahtu Heritage Places and Sites Joint Working Group and include one report entitled "Places We Take Care Of" that identified and made recommendations about the protection, preservation and promotion of heritage places and sites important to the history and culture of the Sahtu Dene and Metis. Records also consist of copies of oral history transcripts from Délı̨nę, Colville Lake and Fort Good Hope. Interviews were carried out as part of the project to identify additional culturally significant and historic sites.

Sahtu Heritage Places and Sites Joint Working Group