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Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly fonds

  • 322
  • Fonds
  • 1877-2020

This fonds consists of approximately 48.91 meters of textual records, 5,810 black and white and colour photographs in print, negative, and slide format; 7 microfilm reels and 3.5 cm of microfiche; 3 architectural plans; 1 VHS videocassette, 1 scroll, 80 audio reels, 80 DAT tapes and 118 audio cassettes.

The bulk of the textual records are made up of official records from the Legislative Assembly dated between 1951-2020 from the 1st through the 19th Legislative Assemblies/Councils of the Northwest Territories. Included in this material are Hansard (including indices and appendices), Tabled Documents, Motions, Written Questions, Return to Written Questions, Petitions, Committee Reports, Bills, Budget Addresses, Speeches, Debates (including some indices), Sessional Papers, Appropriations, Recommendations to Council, References for Advice, Information Items, Monthly Letters, Supplementary Notes, Legislation, a selection of Commissioner's Opening Addresses, and Votes and Proceedings summaries. There is also a copy of the Hay River-Enterprise Corridor Development Regulations from 1986.

The textual records are also comprised of signed minutes from the Northwest Territories Council (1921-1951), minutes from the Yellowknife Board of Trustees, bound minutes, ordinances and session papers from the Northwest Territories Council (1922-1950) and Orders in Council (1883-1932). Textual records also include correspondence, letters, biographical sketches of members of the Legislative Assembly, as well as promotional material collected by the Public Affairs Office concerning the 1979 election.

In addition, there are textual records related to the Advisory Committee on the Development of the GNWT, work of the Special Committee on Constitutional Development, the Special Committee on the Division of the NWT Special Committee on the Northern Economy (SCONE), Standing Committee on Public Accounts, Special Committee on Housing and Standing Committee on Agencies, Boards and Commissions. There is also a small amount of textual records, including planning committee material, that deal with the opening of the Legislative Assembly building in 1993. Other records deal with special events and conferences hosted by the Legislative Assembly, including swearing-in ceremonies, the Circle of Northern Leaders, and 23rd Canadian Presiding Officers' Conference.

There are also pamphlets and brochures from the late 1970s and early 1980s on a variety of topics, including the Legislative Assembly's operations, symbology, projects, interest in the pipeline and talks of forming a new territory (Nunavut). There are published reports on priorities for the North, administrative structure for Nunavut, a spousal assault task force report, and a Denedeh government proposal for restructuring of the Government of the Northwest Territories. There are also rules of the preceding body, the Council of the Northwest Territories, as well as the rules of the Assembly from 1984 to 1991. Also included in this accession are ordinances dated 1888 and 1895 and bound ordinances dating 1950 through 1981. There is also a book of statutes from 1985.

The textual records from the Elections NWT office includes material concerning electoral boundaries, as well as guidelines, correspondence, poster and press releases related to the Nunavut Capital public vote and the public vote on the Guaranteed Equal Representation of Men and Women in the Nunavut Legislative Assembly. There are also Reports of the Chief Electoral Officer and the Official Voting Results reports for the 2003 and 2007 General Elections, Returns to the Writ from the 2003, 2007 and 2011 General Elections, Proclamations and Grants of Poll from the 2007 General Election, polling boundary descriptions from the 2003 and 2007 General Elections, and the original tallies of votes from the polling districts and boxes from the 2007 General Election.

The textual records from the office of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly includes materials related to conflict of interest and the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, as well as amendments to legislative Acts, the standing committee on legislation and a strategic planning workshop for MLAs regarding the government organization after division.

The textual records from the NWT Human Rights Commission includes meeting agendas and minutes of the Commission Members, as well as notes from a strategic planning session, and an informational package given to stakeholders that outlines the mission, structure, processes and function of the Commission.

The bulk of the photographs and slides are dated between 1968-1993 and cover topics such as Legislative Assembly Opening Ceremonies, Sessions, Elections, Committees, Plebiscite on Division, Tours of Communities, Special Events, Conferences, Health Services and Scenery. The remaining photographs depict members of the Northwest Territories Council, the Legislative Assembly and Commissioners of the Northwest Territories from 1905-1975, as well as the activities of the Office of the Languages Commissioner, which date from 2002-2004.

The VHS videocassette entitled "One Land, Many Voices" - making the new NWT Mace" was produced by Lone Woolf Productions in 2000.

The audio reels contain recordings of the 7th and 8th NWT Council and the 9th and 10th Legislative Assembly.

The microfiche consists of a complete record of Tabled Documents, Committee Reports and Petitions from the 10th Legislative Assembly which covered the years 1984-1987 and a Tabled Document from the 8th Council, 56th Session. The 7 microfilm reels contain copies of the Northwest Territories Council Minutes from 1921-1951 and an index to the Minutes.

The scroll was presented by David Welch, Ontario's Minister of Citizenship, on behalf of Premier John Robart to the Commissioner and Council of the Northwest Territories to commemorate the Northwest Territories Centennial in 1970.

Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly (1905-present)

J.I. Glick Personal Records

Records include J.I. Glick's personal correspondence, political correspondence and ephemera, and passports. Also included are recordings of radio programs on topics of interest to Glick, namely Northern issues and the Progressive Conservative party.

Glick, Jacob Isaac

Northwest Territories. Council of the Northwest Territories

Records include Debates, Bills, Sessional Papers, Appropriations, Supplementary Appropriations, Recommendations to Council, Information Items, Monthly Letters, Tabled Documents, Motions, Questions and Returns (Oral and Written) and a selection of Commissioner's Opening Addresses. They were produced by the 1st through the 67th sessions (1st to 8th Councils) of the Council of the Northwest Territories, the predecessor to the Legislative Assembly.

Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive fonds

  • 331
  • Fonds
  • [1899-1996]; 1961-2014

This fonds includes records from the Cabinet Secretariat, including minutes and agendas from cross-government Deputy Ministers meetings between 1997-2003 and correspondence and other records of the Division Review Committee (1993-1999).

This fonds also includes records from the Secretary to Cabinet, including minutes, agendas and other related materials from cross-government Deputy Ministers meetings and committees from 2008-2014.

This fonds also contains the chronos of ministers and deputy ministers holding various portfolios including the Government Leader/Premier of the Northwest Territories between 1980-2001, as well as chronos from the Premier's Office between 2000-2010, and chronos from the Secretary to the Cabinet (2004-2010). This fonds also includes chronos of the ministerial chairs of the NWT Housing Corporation (1988-1995), Women's Directorate (Jeannie Marie-Jewell 1990-1991), the Worker's Compensation Board (1985-1987, 1990-1991), Department of Transportation (1995), Renewable Resources (Red Pedersen, 1986-1988, John Ningark 1992) and subject-specific chronos for 1985-1991, and the Executive (1985-2000). This fonds also includes a file from the Constitutional Development Steering Committee (Western Arctic).

Also in this fonds are records generated by the History of Education Project that was undertaken by Norman McPherson who produced a manuscript on the history of education in the Northwest Territories. (Dreams and Visions: Education in the Northwest Territories from the Early Days to 1984). The records consist of original files and copies of reports from schools in many communities throughout the Northwest Territories. Also included within the records are copies of transcripts from oral history interviews.

Also included in this fonds are records from the Regional Operations division. They consist primarily of minutes from settlement and hamlet meetings in the Mackenzie Delta, Western Arctic, Baffin and Great Bear Lake regions, monthly reports from regions and specific communities, minutes of regional council meetings, and records from regional associations such as the Keewatin Organizational Committee.

Records from the Plans and Program division relate to the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline, Nanisivik Mines, Polar Gas Project and Beaufort Delta Oil Project; there are also records from the Regional Management Committee in Inuvik and the Inuvik Regional Health Board.

Records from the Priorities and Planning Secretariat date between 1972-1989 and relate to GNWT policy and program development, land claims issues, parks development, Constitutional development, decentralization and natural resource projects. Some of these records are meeting minutes, correspondence and records of decision produced by the Priorities and Planning Committee, a committee within the secretariat which reviewed initiatives, policies and programs before they were put before the Executive Members and the Executive Council as a whole.

There are also reports dating from 1971-1974 about the community of Port Burwell, the Kennuayuak Association and one from the Program, Policy and Planning Division entitled "Government as Communicator."

There are also transcripts of meetings of the Electoral Boundaries Commission held in several NWT communities in 1989.

In addition, there are files containing correspondence from Regional Administrators concerning the administration and implementation of the Liquor Ordinance and alcohol abuse problems at Frobisher Bay (Iqaluit).

Included in this fonds is one letter addressed to George Braden, Chairman of the Elected Members of the Executive Committee from Prime Minister Trudeau regarding the First Ministers Conference in 1980.

The files from the Financial Management Board consist of policy and planning files and records relating to Regional Decentralization.

The records from the Audit Bureau are dated between 1977-1985. These records consist of audit files for various Hamlets, Hunters and Trappers Associations and craft shops. There are also files relating to Audit Committee Meetings, Manager's Reports and organization charts.

The files from the Corporate Services Division are primarily from the Keewatin Region and consist of minutes of meetings from the Executive Committee, Regional Director's Meetings, Annual Management Meetings, Senior Management Committee Meetings, various hamlet meetings and board meetings. Furthermore, there are minutes from the following Regional Councils: Baffin Regional Council, South Slavey Regional Council, North Slavey Regional Council, Deh Cho Regional Council, Shihita Regional Council, Kitikmeot Regional Council and the Keewatin Regional Council. There are also files relating to Commissioner's Tours and Ministerial Tours of the Baffin and Keewatin Regions.

This fonds also contains material from the Women's Advisory. The files dated between 1975-1991 contain information relating to the Status of Women Committee (including Annual Reports), departmental updates, Ministers' Briefing Notes, correspondence and plans relating to the 5-year Action Plan on Equality for Women. As well, this fonds contains files from 1984-1992 of the Women's Advisory including reports, decision papers, briefing notes and correspondence. These records document the relationship of the Women's Advisory to the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, as well as the restructuring of the Women's Advisory in the late 1980s and early 1990s. In addition there are reports from Women's Advisory-funded organizations dating from 1993-2001 including the Status of Women Council, the Native Women's Association, the Pauktuutit Inuit Women's Association and the Women's Community Action Team. As well, briefing notes, chronos and policy statements from the Women's Advisory dating between 1991-2002 outline the roles and responsibilities of the Women's Advisory.

The fonds also contains two audio reels dating from 1974-1975 which include a panel discussion on the Status of Women as a lead up to the International Year of Women (1975). Other topics discussed include housing, waste management, air transportation, and business/government relations.

In addition, there are files from the Legislation and House Planning Division that relate to Cabinet House Strategy development and Session Preparation for the 3rd through the 10th sessions for the 11th Legislative Assembly and the 2nd through 6th Sessions of the 15th Legislative Assembly. Other Legislation and House Planning Division files within the fonds include briefing books for the 14th and 15th Assemblies, Rules of the Legislative Assembly, legislative agendas for the 14th and 15th Assemblies, meeting minutes, agendas, proposals and records of recommendations from between 1975 and 1991, as well as the results of the Legislative Review Survey conducted by the Division Review Committee in preparation for Division, from 1997-1998. There are also files containing correspondence, reports, and Records of Decision concerning acts fielded within the Legislative and House Planning Division.

Files from the Directorate includes meeting minutes and correspondence regarding the Social Agenda between 2001-2002. Directorate files also include correspondence and documents pertaining to the activities of the Minister of Renewable Resources, detailing government initiatives often involving the Hunters and Trappers Association in the Keewatin Region and Kitikmeot Region between 1985 - 1987. Additionally, there are files containing correspondence and documents detailing government initatives discussed between the Dept. of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Premier of the NWT. Directorate records also include meeting materials for the Department of the Executive Senior Management Committee, the Special Joint Committee on Non-Tax-Based Community Affairs, and the Special Committee on the Implementation of Self-Government and the Sunset Clause, and the Public Committees, Boards and Councils Handbook.

The fonds also contains eight audiocassettes and a fifteen page summary report of a Traditional Knowledge Elders gathering held in October of 1993 at Fort Providence.

Material within this fonds relating to the Executive Secretariat dates between 1967-68. It consists of copies of the transfer guideline documents concerning the formal transfer of responsibilities to the Government of the Northwest Territories and a copy of a Task Force Report on the organization of the Northwest Territories Public Service.

There are also files from the Personnel Secretariat Division dated between 1982-1996; this material consists of reviews of personnel policies, reports on conferences, workshops and seminars, files on employment equity, the decentralization of the Highway Transport Board and Liquor Licensing Board and several files on the restructuring of various GNWT departments.

The fonds also includes newsletters and reports created by the Aboriginal Rights and Constitutional Development Secretariat and Equal Employment Directorate. The newsletters consist of 10 issues of Building Blocks, and discuss varied issues of devolution and compensation. There are three reports on equal employment, dating from [1985? To 1987?].

The fonds also includes files from the Bureau of Statistics dated from 1982-2006 and it includes population statistic and projection reports, Yellowknife apartment surveys, spatial price surveys, food price surveys, personal income statistics, labour force surveys, census results, a report on interprovincial/territorial trade and a business directory. It also includes an incomplete collection of volumes of the Statistics Quarterly, from volumes 1 through 26.

The fonds also includes files from Intergovernmental Relations and Strategic Planning (IGRASP), including one file which outlines the activities and strategies of the Social Envelope section in 1997-1998. Also from that division is material from 2000-2003 which includes briefing packages for meetings between Premier Kakfwi and federal ministers, as well as files on the Living History Project, a project to reflect and celebrate NWT progress since the Berger Inquiry. Files also include meeting minutes and correspondence related to Intergovernmental and Arctic Circle meetings, as well as Premier meetings between 1999-2003.

The fonds also includes 15 cm of chronos of Robert S. Pilot from his positions working within the Department of the Executive, including Deputy Minister for the Executive Council from 1984-1985, as well as his position as Deputy Minister for Intergovernmental Affairs from 1985-1988.

This fonds also includes records from the Aboriginal Rights and Constitutional Development Secretariat (and later the Ministry of Intergovernmental and Aboriginal Affairs), dating predominantly from 1974-1996. These records relate to land claims, including the Inuvialuit (COPE), Dene/Metis, Sahtu, Gwich'in, Tlicho, Deh Cho, Denesuline, Makivik, Hay River Dene, and Treaty 8 organizations, and the creation of Nunavut. The records also document self-government by Indigenous groups (including the creation of the Western Arctic Region Municipality (WARM) or Western Arctic Regional Government (WARG)), constitutional development, intergovernmental relations, and devolution of airports, land, water, and resource management from the Federal government (see also Office of Devolution).

Additionally, the fonds includes community reports, meeting minutes and files pertaining to community transfers generated by various regional GNWT departments throughout the NWT, including Sachs Harbour, Paulatuk, Tuktoyaktuk, and Arctic Red River (now Tsiigehtchic).

Records generated by the Corporate Review and Transition Project in 2002-2004 are included in this fonds. Records include reports commissioned by the project and departmental responses to the review and recommendations.

This fonds also includes records from the Strategic Planning division, covering the Boards and Agencies review, 2004-2006. Records include meeting minutes, agendas, reports, drafts, and interviews with departments and agencies. The records also include planning materials for the National Aboriginal Women’s Summit (NAWS II) and meeting materials from the Deputy Minister’s Senior Management Committee, 2007-2010.

Also included in this fonds are records from the Corporate Human Resources division, which date 1992-2004. These records comprise of annual reports on the Affirmative Action Policy for the GNWT, an evaluation report and guidelines for the Northern Graduate Employment Program, reviews of staffing services and employee benefit administration at departments and agencies, and a file relating to the creation and organization of the division.

The fonds also includes records from the Office of Devolution. These records date from 1993-2012, documenting negotiations between the GNWT and federal government over the devolution of lands and resources. Records include correspondence, committee records, briefing materials, reports, and communication plans.

Files from the Protocol section document the 1994 Royal Visit and 2004 Deputy Commissioner's swearing-in ceremony.

Records from the Corporate Communications division include Senior Management Committee records, Deputy Ministers' Steering Committee on Trademark and Copyright Policy records, GNWT-wide communications plans and strategies, workshop material, related job descriptions, records relating to the Visual Identity Program, and briefing binders.

The fonds also includes a small group of miscellaneous documents and reports relating to auditing, management, cross-cultural training, the Beaufort Sea Drilling Program, and research subject headings.

Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive (1967-2017)

Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner fonds

  • 321
  • Fonds
  • 1882-2006

This fonds consists of approximately 10.82 meters of textual material, 153 black and white and colour photographs, 52 audiocassettes, 2 CDs (SDII format), one 16 mm film, a Umatic videocassette, 12 maps, 5 oversized textual documents and two scrolls. This material was either collected or generated by the Office of the Commissioner.

The bulk of the textual material is dated between 1960-1980 and consists of Commissioner Hodgson's chronos; Commissioner Parker's chronos; Senior Executive Secretary and later Deputy Commissioner Robert S. Pilot's chronos; reports from Commissioner Hodgson's and Commissioner Parker's Tours throughout the Northwest Territories, and correspondence between Federal Cabinet Ministers and the Commissioners' of the Northwest Territories. There are also files containing memorabilia such as cards, travel brochures, commemorative programs, invitations and certificates. In addition, there are administrative records, correspondence, minutes of meetings, organizational charts and reports relating to economic development, financial services, personnel, housing and constitutional development, labour standards and relations, administration of justice, as well as the proposed Mackenzie Valley pipeline and a proposed Great Slave National Park. As well, this fonds contains portions of Commissioners Norris' and Maksagak's chronos for 1991-1995, Commissioners Hansen's and Whitford's chronos for 2005-2006, and files from the NWT Coordinating Committee from 1988-1990. The fonds also contains files related to the Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1994. Furthermore, there are files relating to the Polaris Mine Project and the operation and administration of the community of Port Burwell. The fonds also includes files relating to the administration of the Commissioner's Awards program (1968-2006).

The photographs are dated between 1961-1979 and document official functions, Commissioner's Tours of the north, dignitary visits and Centennial Celebrations. An additional six photographs show the Commissioner's Awards medal, medallion, and rosette.

The audiocassettes contain sound recordings of Hamlet Council meetings, Town Council meetings, public meetings and speeches made by Commissioner Hodgson. The two CDs contain recordings of meetings held in 1978 between Commissioner Stuart M. Hodgson, Chief Alex Arrowmaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, Thomas A. Butters and R. Whitford, concerning the development for Snare Lakes.

The 16 mm film documents the 1977 visit of His Royal Highness Prince Andrew to the Northwest Territories. The film was entitled "Journey to the Top of Canada." There is a copy of this film in Umatic format.

The scrolls are dated between 1972-1973; the first scroll proclaims the transfer of land from the Yukon to the Northwest Territories and the second scroll establishes the aforementioned parcel of land to be the Norah Willis Michener Game Preserve. There are also two newsletters from the NWT Pavilion at Expo '86 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The oversized textual documents are a 12x22" certificate commemorating the laying of a cairn by Prince Andrew at Cape Columbia, NWT on July 12, 1977, a 10x15" certificate commemorating the laying of a cairn by Princess Margaret of the Netherlands on Beechey Island in June 1978, and two posters advertising the Commissioner's Awards programs.

12 maps and one oversized zoning schedule were donated via the Legislative Assembly Library from the Office of the Commissioner. The maps mainly detail town plans of Hay River, Inuvik, and Yellowknife during 1965-1973.

Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner (1870-present)

Cayley, Hugh St. Quenton

  • N-1992-178
  • Accession
  • 1891, copied [1983]

This accession consists of one photograph of Hugh St. Quenton Cayley (Saskatchewan Archives number R-A6914). The image was copied from a composite photograph of the members of the 2nd Legislative Assembly for the Northwest Territories, 1891 (Saskatchewan Archives number R-B1490).

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications

The recordings contain three programs including "MLA", (item :0001), which examines people's expectations and attitudes toward government, and explains the election process as well as the workings of the Legislative Assembly; "Home Maintenance--N.W.T.H.C.", (item :0002), and "Home Maintenance--C.M.H.C.", (item :0002), uses interviews to provide information on GNWT and federal government home repair programs.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Language Bureau

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications

The collection is comprised of photographs that were deleted from the files in 1992. Themes include: the Legislative Assembly, Members of the Legislative Assembly and the Executive; as well as involvement of the Government of the Northwest Territories in housing, education and training, arts and crafts, tourism, transportation and industry. Also included are images documenting native land use, community activities, facilities, special events and people. Tessa Macintosh, the photographer for the Government of the NWT, took the majority of the photographs.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Radio and Television Services division

Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner

This accession, collected by Commissioner Stuart M. Hodgson, consists of a variety of unrelated material. Included in the collection is the transcript of an interview between [Clarence?] Johnson and [?] Fogg. The subject of the interview is Mr. Johnson's work aboard the ships "Emma" and "Nigalik". Also included in the collection are 5 unrelated photographs. The photographs include images of: Herbert Charles Wilson, speaker of the NWT Legislative Assembly from 1883-1888, Gordon Robertson, Game Wardens at Fort Smith, the unveiling of a plaque at the Northern United Place in Yellowknife and the NWT Council.

Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner

The material includes memorabilia from the 1973 Legislative Ball at the fictional "Fort Michener", a certificate in the name of Raymond the Raven, Pete Baker's certificate of election to the Council of the Northwest Territories, a commemorative brochure on Martin Frobisher signed by Capt. C. Frobisher, a notice concerning the establishment of the St. John Ambulance in the Northwest Territories, and a public notice concerning land ownership by the Chiefs in Council. These records were collected by Commissioner Stuart M. Hodgson.

Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly

Records include interim and final reports from the Special Committee on Housing and recordings of the public and other community hearings. The DAT cassettes were copied from the original audiocassettes in October 1995; the recordings are in a variety of native languages and contain simultaneous translations. The transcripts of the recordings are grouped as follows: Baffin/High Arctic Tour, June 1984; Western Arctic Tour, July 1984; Southern Mackenzie Tour, August 1984; Yellowknife/Kitikmeot Tour, September 1984; and the Keewatin Tour, October 1984. The November 1984 interim report is available in both English and Inuktitut syllabics.

The Glenbow-Alberta Institute Collection

  • N-1995-004
  • Accession
  • 1934-1944, 1955, 1969

The textual records consist of 3 files. The first file is of correspondence of the Eldorado Mining and Refining Company, Eldorado Gold Mines Ltd. and El Bonanza Mining Corp. Ltd. related to administrative matters (1934-1944). Includes some correspondence of Gilbert and Charles Labine. The second file contains the ballot of 12 candidates for the Aklavik Advisory Council (1969). The third file has part of a diary in Inuktitut (1955), 2 permits to enter the Reindeer Reserve, and 7 photographs in very bad condition which may have come from the collection of the National Archives of Canada.

Kinette Club of Yellowknife

  • N-1979-570
  • Accession
  • 1963

This accession consists of one report entitled "Northerners of Renown". This report contains short biographical notes on Peter Baker, Archie McMullen, John H. Parker, Oliver Lawson Stanton, R. J. "Jack" Stevens, W. Leigh Brintnell, A. J. "Bert" Boxer, Gordon Ingraham, Henry Busse, George Pinsky, Arthur Umbach, Ernest Boffa, Norman W. Byrne, J. H. Sissons, J. Murray "Jock" McMeekan, and G. Gordon Latham.

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